The idea behind Fyndee is to create an app that would help you easily find services in your locality.

The goal of this project is to create a clickable wireframe and customize the pages based from a purchased theme from Themeforest.

The initial wireframe was in XML file format that could be opened using draw.io.

Draw.io is a free online Visio alternative.

It is a free tool to create wireframes or flowcharts. It's pretty neat and I like how easy it is to use. Try it out if you want to quickly put together a wireframe without spending monthly subscription.

On Prototyping Fyndee

The initial wireframe was the starting point of the design where we started discussion on the pages that needs to be part of the prototype. Invision was mainly use to gather relevant feedback specific sections. It was a very convenient way to organize feedback for a particular page, element or section.

Fyndee was built using

The Fyndee Logo

Conceptualizing for the logo and icon was an easy tasks since my client contributed a lot of ideas. Since the concept of Fyndee is "finding" a service, a map and a magnifier is the closest thing to describe how it looks.

After putting together differents concepts, this was the final logo and icon that the client wants. I modified the font type as well to fit the concept.

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