Tourlust is a travel activities web application for people who want to find unique things to do. It sells experiences for avid travellers who want to explore specific country and city.

On building Tourlust

Tourlust was just a concept when I started working on it. There were no initial wireframes available, just the working concept that the client wanted to create. The client just specified to draw some inspiration from similar sites like Govoyagin, Gidsy, Vayable and a few more travel web applications.

To make it easy to communicate on the design direction for each page, we used a project management tool called Codebase. Other things that I personally use as well are Trello (FREE) and Basecamp. This would provide daily updates on the status of the project.

Mock-ups and Wireframes

I personally want to show clients the project progress and specific updates on design changes real-time. What I use is deploy it on Azure Websites. So I just give a link to the client to see the design directly on the browser. It's fast and the client can open it up on any device. They can see the design and the user experience first-hand, able to make quick changes and updates.

Project Scope and Requirements

For Tourlust, I worked on front-end development, user interface design and user experience design. The web application was implemented into responsicve web layout to respond on different screen sizes. The pages I worked on for this project are the outer pages that users can see without logging in the site, logged in pages for users and admin pages for tour guides.

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