Codetoki is an internationally-awarded web application built for IT/CS students to help them learn the technologies of the companies they target to work for after graduation.

Codetoki was recently featured as a Microsoft Case Study.

How it works?

Codetoki allows users to work on programming challenges in Ruby, PHP and JavaScript. When the user submits a code solution, Codetoki automatically compiles and check the solutions.

Codetoki was built using

On building Codetoki

The initial design concept of Codetoki was made using a low-fidelity mock-up with the use of Fireworks. After going through each pages, the first design version was coded in Rails. We wanted Codetoki to be easy to use in tablets so we transformed Codetoki Version 2 into responsive web design layout to optimize for different screen views. Game mechanics were also taken into consideration while mocking up on the design layout for Version 2. Thus, the user interface design was also enhanced to incorporate the game mechanics applied on Codetoki.

Just recently, we also completely changed the front-end for Codetoki into AngularJS to optimize the pages to load faster.

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