Mandown Group is a consultancy firm based in Toronto. Canada.

On transforming Mandown

Mandown website is originally fixed for desktop screen size only. The client wanted to transform its layout to respond to different screen sizes while still maintaining their current design.

Responsive Web Design

Tranforming the website into a responsive web design layout was easy since the client provided all the necessary resources and assets to immediately start with the project. The HTML and CSS code of the site is also available but since transforming it to responsive needs necessary adjustments on the grid system, I did not use it. Instead, I completely change the code to follow Bootstrap mark-up. Although, the good thing about the current design is that it doesn't give you limitations to implement it using grid system thus, it was a breeze transforming it to responsive layout. But for designs that really does not fit for responsive, I make some necessary changes on the web design which I consult to the client.

Technologies used

I used Bootstrap for as the front-end development framework for this project. I also used HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Sass. I deployed the site in Azure Websites so the client can see project progress real-time in any device by just giving a link.

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