Greatest Explorer is a travel guide web application that let's you choose an activity in a specific country and city.

On transforming Greatest Explorer

The client wanted to transform Greatest Explorer to responsive web design layout. It has an initial wireframe coded in HTML and CSS so the resources are all available. However, after I reviewed the design to transform it to grid system, the design was not fit to responsive web layout. There will be some limitations, making it hard to ensure it looks good and clear on all screen sizes especially on mobile screens. Thus, I decided to change the design that would fit responsive web layout. Before I make changes, I always consult the client to ensure he knows the reason behind the change.

Greatest Explorer was built using

Responsive Web Design

The most critical part of this project is to ensure that the pages are responsive to tablet and mobile phones. So each pages should be clear on mobile screens. In addition, the client wanted to ensure that the Google Ads would be nicely placed in between the items and that would not look so obstrucive. It must look as if it's part of the content thus, you can only achieve that if you play around it real-time. For this part, deploying it to Azure Websites really helps oversee the whole project.

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