Tlkbck is an online recording studio management application that handles all aspects of the recording studio. From getting clients through it's online web portal, record studio scheduling, CRM, accounting and invoicing.

Tlkbck automatically creates a website for studios that can easily customized or integrated with your existing site. Check out this website generated by Tlkbck. This is the sample customized website.

Tlkbck was built using

For this project, I did user interface design and front-end development using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and jQuery. Bootyard implemented the back-end using Ruby on Rails.

On designing Tlkbck

The Tlkbck project has a low-fidelity wireframe. It has no design though, just simple boxes and shapes to show the page workflow and the user and admin workflow.

Initially, I created the design template using Photoshop to show the client different design options. Once the client picked what he liked, I incorporated the design to all the pages. The design workflow of Tlkbck is made easy for users to generate invoices, generate up-to-date profit and loss, income, and expense reports which can be exported to excel.

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