Social Scavenger platform is the perfect out of the box solution for your mobile gaming needs. You build a game, the content is streamed live and everything is auto-scored. It's an awesome event in a box. As the owner you also have a powerful admin tool that let's you set up a diverse range of engagements and games and moderate them in real-time (or not). It's in the app-store, ready to go.

On transforming Social Scavenger

Social Scavenger is a mobile engagement platform that enables you to create your own customized game with it's diverse range of engagements and games available that you can moderate real-time.

Social Scavenger App can be downloaded in App Store, Play Store and Windows Store. The client wanted to make a desktop version that would respond to different screen sizes: desktop, tablet and mobile screens.

The current site layout which is coded in HTML and CSS is available but it's not in responsive grid layout yet. So my task was to transform all the pages into responsive, mobile-first fluid grid system using Bootstrap. Some critical areas I made sure really works well on mobile screens are the admin pages where the users input the game mechanics they create for their desired game.

Enable Different Themes

The backbone for the design of Social Scavenger is to enable its users to customized their game easily by just changing background image and adding some theme colors. Thus, for every game created, it would be customized and personalized according to the creator's preference.

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