Firstplace helps organize the rental housing search.

It enables landlords easily post their property details and manage scheduling for house visits for possible tenants.

Initially, the plan was to focused on New Orleans properties.

On designing Firstplace

Firstplace has a low-fidelity wireframe created using Invision as a reference for the design direction that the client wants to follow when I first started working on it. The design is mobile-first so we have implemented the design into responsive web design layout that would adapt to different screen sizes.

We use Bootstrap as the front-end development framework.

Firstplace has two types of users: the landlords and renters.The goal for landlords is for them to easily manage their properties and schedule viewings. The goal for renters is for them to easily find properties they like and easily contact the landlords to schedule for viewing.

Firstplace was built using

Project Scope

I worked on user experience design and user interface design for the users page (landlord and renters). The requirement was to think mobile-first for Firstplace so we have tested it to different devices to ensure it would be easy to read and navigate on small screen sizes. With the help of low-fidelity mockups and an interactive wireframe, my client was able to clearly understand how the workflows would function and look like.

This has been an amazing project to work on especially with the people involve in this project.

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