Hi, I'm Honee.

I'm Honeylyn Balingcasag and you may call me 'Honee'. I'm a user experience (UX) designer (I build wireframes, mockups and prototypes), user interface (UI) designer leaned towards FlatUI (I design web apps and websites) and front-end developer based in the Philippines. I particularly code my design concepts and show user interaction workflows, user journey and interactive prototypes direct from the browser (and that what makes my clients happy). Technologies I used are HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Compass, jQuery, Javascript and Bootstrap.

When not on the screen, I love to draw and paint. I particularly love giving life to shapes and mixing colors that makes it lively and playful.

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Bootyard, a Web Development and Design Shop

I co-founded a web development and design shop called Bootyard together with my co-founder Ademar Tutor. Our core technology is Ruby, using Rails as our back-end development framework. We integrate Rails and AngularJS & ReactJS together which is an efficient way for us to build web applications. Our design is mobile-first approach and we make sure our applications are in responsive web design layout.

Other technologies we use are AngularJS, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, jQuery, AWS, Heroku, Windows Azure, Haml and Sass.

If you are looking for Ruby on Rails, ReactJS and AngularJS Developers to build your applications, let me know.

JFDI Asia 2014 Demo Day in Singapore

Codetoki, Developing Developers

We created Codetoki, an online learning platform for IT/CS students and young developers that teaches the technologies of tomorrow.

Codetoki won numerous awards like Apps For Asia - a competition of Microsoft and Asian Development Bank that gave us the opportunity to showcase it at the ADB Governor's Meeting in Delhi, India (2013), AppBridge - an initiative of the World Economic Forum and Young Global Leaders (2012) and Startup Weekend in Cebu (2012). Codetoki also received seed funding from JFDI Asia in Singapore (2014).

Codetoki was recently featured as a Microsoft Case Study

Interested to know more? Let's talk!

Email me at honee@bootyard.com